Read Between the Lines

Part of the ability to listen comes from reading between the lines.  And decoding signals.

Most messages we receive are not a direct indication of one’s true feelings.

We have a tendency to place an overemphasis on the words that are being spoken.  And not enough on the actual meaning and message behind it.

Many times, the words spoken and the meaning of what’s said are starkly different.

And the ability to decipher the right message is a valuable skill to develop.  Because often, we don’t express our true feelings.  We send an encoded message.

If we are truly listening though, decoding that message isn’t as difficult as we make it.

Not every problem needs solving.

Some just need a shoulder to lean on and know they aren’t alone.

But it starts with being open – not jumping to quick conclusions.

And actually listening to the whole story.

It’s only then that can we start to read between the lines and understand the true message being conveyed.

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