E-mail Overload

How much time do we spend glued to our inbox?  We race to respond and keep up with the constant flow of new emails hitting our inbox.

And we could easily spend a whole day doing nothing but emails.

It almost turns into our de facto to do list.

Except it’s typically not our to do list we are fulfilling.  We become engulfed by taking on others’ priorities.

And we lose sight of our own.

Email is necessary.  It is a great tool for communication.  It allows for greater efficiency among teams and companies.

But it’s also destroying our ability to create.  And set our own priorities.

We have to set limits.  And ensure we accomplish our priorities first before we start filling up our to do lists with priorities of others.

Take some time each day away from your email inbox.  Turn off notifications for a bit and get some focused time.

That email can wait 30 minutes.  Not everything is an immediate priority.

It’s about fighting off the urgent to focus on what’s important.

And we will never be able to focus on what’s important if we constantly focus on the next urgent email that comes in.

Sure it may feel safer.  It may feel like you accomplished a lot.

But what is the purpose of the busy?

Does clearing out your inbox bring you any closer to fulfilling your promises and priorities?

For some the answer may be yes.

For the rest of us, it’s a nice, safe place to hide.





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