Get out and engage

We spend so much of our time at work tethered to a computer or to technology.  And I know much of this has increased our productivity levels.

But there becomes a point where we take it a bit too far.

And we start to hide behind it.

Could we afford to cut out a few more minutes of screen time each day and engage?  Engage with our customers and engage with our employees?

I know I am guilty of this.  Spending most of my waking hours at work glued to a computer screen – researching, writing, planning, and organizing.

But the most meaningful and insightful moments typically don’t come from sitting behind my desk.  They come from interacting.

And not in some structured way.

They come in the flow of conversation when I engage with coworkers.

Not setting some predetermined meaning with a rigged structure, but rather just engaging and asking questions.

Starting a conversation, asking how you can be of assistance, and what is most troubling to them at the moment.

And when you let the air out, and take the pressure off of the conversation, you will be amazed at what comes up.

And I know this.  Yet I still so often revert back to sitting behind my desk and behind my computer.

I even catch myself inventing projects to do just to avoid having to leave the comfort of my own desk.

There is always some uncertainty involved in engaging and asking questions.  Sometimes you will receive and hear feedback you probably would have wished to avoid.

But this is where the real work lies.

It comes from being in the front line, engaging, setting the example, and being of assistance and supporting your employees in any way they need.

And it’s hard to do this behind a computer all day.



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