It’s not always about the outcome.

Win or lose.  Does it really matter?

Is that the point of playing?  Or is the point to have fun, enjoy the camaraderie and get some exercise in?

Yesterday, at my soccer game, we were up 1-0 with very little time to go.  Everyone was cheerful, in a great mood, and pumping each other up.

Until I screwed up.

I fouled a guy in the box that led to a penalty kick – with no time left.

Of course, they made the penalty kick and tied it up 1-1.

Immediately after, the ref blows the whistle – game over.

It was deflating.  Not only for me, but the rest of the team.

I let them down.

And the mood shifted in a hurry.  All of the positive energy was gone.

And what ensued?  Frustration – barking at the ref, blaming some calls made earlier in the game.

The whole 90 minutes of fun was now negative.  It placed a damper on everyone’s mood.

But why?

It’s an over 30 recreational men’s soccer league.  We pay to play.

It’s for fun – to go and kick the soccer ball with some buddies on the weekend.

And yet, winning or losing determines the mood and attitude we walk away with.

If we win, we are joyous as can be, and it can be felt the rest of the day.

Conversely, a loss does the opposite.  It can put a damper on the mood – and sometimes even linger for a few days after.

Something that was started purely for joy and exercise – can change like the wind with a negative outcome.

And I realized – we sometimes forget the purpose.  The purpose of what we are embarking on.  Why did we set out for some friendly competition on Sunday anyways?

To bask in the glory of beating a bunch of out of shape, old men?

Hardly – it’s to get away from daily life, get some exercise, and enjoy the company of some friends.

We lose sight so quickly.  We let it interrupt our mood, our day, and our friendships.

All because of a silly outcome.

And it makes me wonder how much of our life we treat this way.  How often do we cling to a result, forgetting the journey to that point along the way?

Don’t lose sight of the purpose because of the outcome.

Remember the journey.


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