Is your mind constantly racing?

Train yourself by reading books.

Take a few minutes a day of undisturbed time, and try and read a book.

To avoid temptation, you are probably best starting off with a hard copy as opposed to the an e-book.

Notice yourself continually losing focus and thinking about something else?

Good – that’s a sign you need to practice.

We get so interrupted each day with stimuli coming from every which direction.  And we continually give in.

Our brain adapts to this and wants to continually stay busy.  The problem comes when we want to slow down.  Because our brain is still on busy.

It takes practice to slow it down.  And not have it racing every which direction.


Find calm, work on blocking out the noise, and just read.

Start for a few minutes and build up.

Slowly the anxiety will start to fade into the background, and the calm that has seemed so fleeting will start to reappear.




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