The Urge to Hide

I have to admit – I constantly wrestle with this urge.  This urge to hide.  This urge to go back in my hole and not put myself out there.  Should I post this one or should I keep it to myself?

This feeling of not being good enough.  Of not knowing whether I am doing the right thing.  Of feeling like I am a fraud.

And everyone will figure it out.

Moving forward, this is where the meaningful work will reside.

On the edges – wrestling with the fear that infects all of us.

Because the safe work is what most people cling to.  Most can’t deal with the fear.  Most run from it.  And most rationalize that it’s just not meant for them.  So they look for a place to hide – behind work that won’t be judged.

But we forget – we are all infected by this same feeling.  We all have feelings of not being good enough.  We all feel like a fraud sometimes.  It’s nothing unique to you or me.

While most people are hiding, some figure out how to push through.

And that’s what makes the work so unique.  And meaningful.

If everyone could do it, it would lose much of it’s importance.

It’s not easy living on the edges – which is precisely why it will be so valuable in the future.

Take off your shell and put yourself out there.

While everyone else is still hiding, you have the chance to make a difference.

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