Excess Stimuli

Everywhere we turn an advertiser is shouting for our attention.  Turn on a NBA basketball game, and you will see bright, flashing lights in the background with corporate logos shouting for our attention.

And if that wasn’t enough, they will now start introducing ads on the jerseys.

It’s excessive.  And it has an effect.

We think we are immune.  We think we are above the advertisements and the marketing.

But are we?

Have you ever started singing, “break me of a piece of that kit kat bar,” or driven by a KFC and immediately think about Norm Macdonald as the Colonel Sanders?

These subtle cues affect us in ways we think we are immune to.  In ways that we aren’t really consciously aware of.

They work in the background.  And we don’t know the full extent of their effect.

But there is a reason there is a high demand for them – they work.  They work in ways we are often unaware of.

It seems the pendulum has swung too far.  There is too much fighting for our attention.  Too much shouting in the background.

And it’s time to start pushing back.


It’s time we demand a little more respect for our attention.

Maybe there is a reason the viewership for sports ratings is way down.

We don’t like being shouted at with excess stimuli.

Be respectful of our attention.  And we might just start watching again.




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