A sprint versus a marathon

A sprinter doesn’t hold anything back.  Straight from the get go, it’s about maximum effort and speed.  It’s about the quickness off the starting block – a second delay could be mean all the difference in the world.

A marathon runner is far more methodical.  The start of the race rarely has much impact on the finish.  There is no sense in pushing to get ahead right in the beginning.  In fact – the most successful figure a way to pace themselves.  To slowly build up and preserve enough strength for the final push.

Most of us are running our lives and our careers like a sprint.  We get discouraged when we get a slow start.  We worry about falling behind.  We look around the compare where we are with the rest of the pack.

Isn’t it more like a marathon, though?  A long, gradual climb to the finish line.  Regardless of where we start out – the focus should be on where we want to end up.  Building up the strength for the home stretch.

The sprinter burns out too soon.  They enjoy the early spoils, but they soon begin to fade.

The marathon runner though is in it for the long haul.

It turns out, knowing what type of race you are signing up for in the beginning makes all the difference in the world in how you finish.

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