Falling off the Horse

It’s tempting to stay down.  To not get back up. Lay down – moping, blaming the horse for bucking you off. Or you can remember why you got on the horse in the first place.  Remember why you set out on the journey. And use that as motivation to continue on. Habits are formed from consistent […]

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Projecting Fault in Sports

Normally I am on the other side of this.  I argue, I blame, and I find every reason to direct the attention towards some one else. When we start losing in a soccer game – suddenly, everything becomes a point of contention.  I feel the need to argue every meaningless call as if it actually […]

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The Commonality Among Great Leaders

It’s about the way they carry themselves.  Always staying authentic, but very personable in the process. It’s never about the amount of work spent behind a desk.  Or the number of spreadsheets they cranked out. It’s the time spent with others.  Engaging, conversing, and listening. What’s more precious than the quality time spent with coworkers? […]

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Following the Lead

Most people don’t want to be the first to make the jump.  To try a new product.  To be the first to speak up.  To put their reputation on the line. We want certainty, and we want credibility first. But – sometimes we can’t know.  We can’t always follow the leader. Sometimes we need to […]

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The Crisis That Lies Ahead

Jobs = disappearing. Attention Spans = Non-existent. Learning = time consuming and requiring concentration. Jobs in the future will be highly skilled, requiring a certain amount of expertise when it comes to interacting with technology.  And that will require the ability to learn quickly.  And learning quickly requires the ability to concentrate for long periods of […]

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Seeing Fault

It’s always much easier to find fault than to see the opportunity. To avoid risk, we constantly look for the reason not to do it.  We constantly search for the blemish in the idea. The problem is – all great ideas can have a few holes poked in them if you look hard enough. The […]

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Finding a Balance

Too often, it’s all or nothing. I can tend to be my own worst enemy.  I have a hard time regulating myself. When I indulge, I have a tendency to go all in. 2 glasses of wine suddenly turns into 5.  1 delicious chocolate chip cookie turns into 3. I can regulate myself – but […]

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