The Golden Rule in Reverse

You’ve heard the saying, “treat others as you want to be treated.” But rather than focus on the way we treat others.  Let’s focus on how we treat ourselves for a minute. What if we vow to “treat ourselves in the same way we treat others?” It’s cliche – I know. But we can be so quick […]

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The Art of Deflection

It’s not something to really be proud of. Deflection is deceptive.  When you start to feel the heat, rather than own up, find someone or something else to direct the attention to. And most people don’t see it’s happening.  Until it’s too late. But after you see the pattern, it’s hard to ignore. When someone […]

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Worry, worry, worry

It’s amazing how quickly we can end up in our own head.  Doubting every move.  Every decision. Did we take the right course?  Did we set the right price?  Did we do enough advertising? There is always more that can be done.  Always.  If you allow there to be. But at what point, is it […]

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Always wanting more

Remember the last time you bought something – only to come home later to find out there is a newer one available? Or when you sold something – only to find out you sold it for way less than you should have? That feeling of satisfaction can seem so fleeting.  We constantly strive for more. […]

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Results are lagging indicators

We scour over the results.  We dig into the numbers.  We use KPI’s as metrics to make sure we are adept in our decision making. And yet – as we push people towards the numbers, we often forget what’s behind producing those. The people.  The employees.  The culture. And we think by pushing more and […]

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The Problem with Big Data

There is a statistic, a poll or a survey every which way we turn.  We praise big data and all that comes with it. It allows for more accurate decision making, more tailored services, less risk, etc. But we tend to focus on the upside.  And tend to downplay the consequences. Isn’t there some benefit […]

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Serpentine (v) – “to make or follow a winding course.” There is the project due at the end of the week.  The group has been laboring over it for months.  And all that is needed is to put the final touches on it.  So we sit down, get to work, and finalize it, right? If […]

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