Learning Through Exploration

Is there a better way to learn?

Just doing.  Jumping in.  Seeing what works by figuring out what doesn’t.

We need to cultivate more of this.  As we get older, we get held back by the fear.

We preach – and we push our knowledge on others, and expect them to just absorb it.

But how did you gain the knowledge anyway?  From advice?  Or from the experience of doing it yourself?

I am as guilty of this as it gets.  I shield my kids.  I yell at them anytime I get the sense they may get hurt.

“Don’t do that!” or “Don’t touch that – it’s dangerous!”

Well of course there is some fear of harm.  But how do we really get a sense of what is harmful anyways?  Just by our parents telling us?

Rarely – the most valuable lessons we learn as kids and adults are through our mistakes.  It’s through our experiential mishaps that create the lasting memories we cling to most from our childhood.

And when we become parents, it’s like we forget what we preach.  We cling to the safety.  We do everything to keep them safe.

But by insisting on keeping them safe, we can take away so much of the necessary experience as a child.

Of just royally screwing up.  And learning why not to do that next time.

I constantly work to fight the own fear that I face.  And now I can see myself amplifying the fear in my kids.

I need to get out of their way and let them learn for themselves.  Even if it means a few bumps and bruises along the way.

Because learning through exploration is the best way to make a lesson stick.


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