The Amateur versus the Professional

The amateur waits until they are motivated.

The professional works regardless of how they feel.

The amateur needs to prepare more, do more research, and waits to ship.

The professional ships before they are quite ready.

The amateur is waiting for someone to pick them.

The professional picks themselves.

A brick layer lays bricks even when they are hungover.  A lawyer writes a brief even if he isn’t quite up to it.  And even at your job, I am sure you do things you don’t want to do all the time.

But when it’s up to us, we all pretend we are amateurs.  And we are.

We are all amateurs until we realize it’s up to us to become professionals.  We don’t become professionals by waiting until we are in the mood, waiting until we are ready, or waiting until we are experts.

It turns out the choice to be a professional is up to us.  It’s merely about the mindset we adopt.

What’s getting in your way from becoming a professional?

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