Worry, worry, worry

It’s amazing how quickly we can end up in our own head.  Doubting every move.  Every decision.

Did we take the right course?  Did we set the right price?  Did we do enough advertising?

There is always more that can be done.  Always.  If you allow there to be.

But at what point, is it good enough?  At what point is it good enough to ship?

The fear always creeps in.  Because we all want to be competent and respected.  And we worry the slightest fault will undo all of that.

But is that really what is at stake?  Our reputation?  Is it really that drastic?

Or do we build up the importance in our own head?

We all face this problem.  We all doubt ourselves and we all experience the same fear.

But it turns out – we can choose whether we pay attention to it.

We set the course, we make a plan, and then we allow time for the plan to develop before we jump in.  And set a specified time and date in the future to evaluate the success of that plan.

And try not to come back to it until that time.

Understand you aren’t alone.  Understand that we are all susceptible to the feeling.

Because after all – what is the purpose of the worry?



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