Always wanting more

Remember the last time you bought something – only to come home later to find out there is a newer one available?

Or when you sold something – only to find out you sold it for way less than you should have?

That feeling of satisfaction can seem so fleeting.  We constantly strive for more.  Rarely pausing to just appreciate what we do have.

We don’t focus on how much money we made from selling – we focus on how much MORE money we should have made.

Initially – we were tickled to death.  We didn’t even know that it was attainable.

We are always left wanting something more.

Ironically – if we were just oblivious and didn’t know, we wouldn’t be overcome with dissatisfaction.  It’s about finding the right focus.

We can always be greedy – wanting more than we already have.

Or we can choose to re-frame it – and focus on what we do have.  And appreciate all the little things.  Focus on how much money you did make – not how much more you should have made.

It turns out – gratitude conquers greed.

But only if you let it.





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