How Learning is Different than an Education

This signals the diversion of our society at the moment.

Do you seek out what you want?  Or do you wait and expect for it to come to you?

Education is something set up for us, and learning is something that we seek out on our own.

Education is done to us – a path set up by someone else.  We are looking to be taught the magic bullet that will send us on the path.  We want guidance on the safe path.  And we want someone else to help decide what this education should be like.  Just follow the curriculum they set out for us, and we expect a path to success from the education.

Learning on the other hand is something that you choose.  Learning is something we seek out on our own without guidance.  Or prodding or pushing.  Or a test to measure our aptitude.  We don’t need it.  Learning is about exploration.  It’s about seeking out questions and answers on your own – independent of guidance.

Education fills us up with the tools and information.  But we learn very little about how to apply this.  About how to be independent and decide for ourselves.  Rather it pushes us towards a predefined career.

Learning on the other hand is what Bill Gates did when he was learning how to program.  It was what Mark Zuckerberg did when he was coding all day and night in preparation to building Facebook.  It’s where the real knowledge is attained.  And knowledge gained in this way teaches us the power of seeking out our own path.  It pushes us away from education and towards learning.

Too many of us are still seeking out an education.  A predefined set of choices and career paths for us to venture into.  Rather than seek out our own path, we want to choose from paths that have already been paved.

So we push for the safe, and we seek out an education.  We seek out the “proven” career.

But if it’s knowledge we seek, isn’t learning the best way to truly attain it?  We can force an education on someone, but we cannot force the knowledge and understanding on them.

The internet is blowing up this education and career model.  Any knowledge we seek to attain is now at our finger tips in the age of the internet.  It’s not being hoarded by the institutions anymore.

The learning is up to us.  Regardless of what education we seek.



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