Ants Marching

Every ant has a role and contributes to the greater good of the colony.  Throughout the day, they are focused on the singular task of survival and keeping the queen ant safe, alive and well-fed.

Every move and action is for the good of the whole.  Ants power lies in it’s strength in numbers, and the ability have all of the ants working towards a singular purpose.

The world used to operate in much of the same way an ant colony did.  There was a singular power figure that controlled thousands of workers – each worker had a very specific role to contribute to the greater good of the whole.

Everyone got their fair share as long as they contributed to the community.

The ant colony is crumbling these days.  The mounds are getting smaller.  There are more queens and less worker ants.  We aren’t as united under a singular purpose anymore.  And we become more fragmented.

But we aren’t adapting quick enough.  There are no shortage of worker ants.  But there is a real deficit in the amount of queen ants to lead the way.  So we have millions of worker ants sitting on the sidelines.  Waiting for the queen to show them the way.

And it’s easier than ever to start your own colony these days.  You can lead just a handful of ants to create change.  And unlike an ant colony, you aren’t chosen to be the queen, it’s a choice to step up and lead.  A choice that is available to all of us.

We are at a deficit of leaders in this fast changing landscape because these mega-colonies aren’t working for us anymore.

We need more queens to step up and build their own colonies.  Ants won’t march without some direction.


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