Rare and Valuable

It turns out diamonds aren’t all that rare.  They made us think they were rare to increase the value.  Because scarcity tends to create higher price.

This is one way of creating value.  Deceiving and tricking the consumer into thinking something is more valuable than it is.

The other way though is actually creating something that is rare and valuable.

It turns out the two go hand in hand.

Following the rules and doing what you are told isn’t rare anymore.  And it’s becoming less and less valuable.

Taking a risk, stepping outside the box, and creating something it turns out is scarce.  Facing your fears isn’t easy, so it ends up being rare.  And thus, valuable.

If we want be valuable today, we have to do something rare.  If everyone can do it, there isn’t a need to pay you a lot for it.

Scarcity is what creates the value.  Not the other way around.





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