Blame the Officiating

It’s clearly the ref’s fault, right?  You play a 90 minute soccer game, but it all boils down to a call made with 2 minutes left that changes the direction of the game.  Or does it?

What about the other 88 minutes in the game?  Did that one moment really change the trajectory?

Or do we over-inflate the meaning of a single event or moment?  And then discount the moments leading up to that point?

The problem with this narrative is it let’s us off the hook.  It takes away our responsibility and our power of the outcome.  But only if we let it.

There is another way.  A way that gives us more responsibility – not less of it.

It our fault – not the refs.  We are always on the hook.  We can always do better.  We can always change the trajectory.

It turns out – being on the hook is a choice.  A choice that’s up to us.





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