Push the Boundary

My 2 year old daughter just can’t stop until she knows where the edge is.  She knows she’s not supposed to do it, but she can’t help herself.  She is infected by the curiosity of how far she can go.

And she asks questions.  Lots of them.  To the point where you want to push the mute button.

But when I reach that point – I remind myself how I learn and how we learn as kids.

By pushing the boundary.  By being curious.  By asking the dumb questions that seem like dead ends.

Because it’s figuring out where the boundaries are that are vital to your success.  And without a little sense of curiosity about why the boundary is there in the first place – we get stuck in motion.

We stop questioning and we stop learning.  We just default to following the rules.  And the jobs where all you do is follow the rules are disappearing.  And they aren’t fulfilling.

There is more to life than just doing what someone else wants you to do.

So let’s bring back that child-like curiosity.

Develop the comfort with pushing the boundary like a two year old.  Sure you may look like an idiot or get in trouble a time or two.

But what you learn pushing that boundary is priceless.  You start see the boundaries as guidelines rather than set in stone rules.

And the world slowly starts to become your playground again.




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