A Bird in the Hand

“A bird in the hand is worth two in a bush,” as the old saying goes.

Because certainly, when you are looking for your next meal, the risk of losing out on the food you already have could be dangerous.  It’s a risk probably not worth taking.

It’s more of a life or death decision.  And the risk of death is typically one not worth taking when you already have enough food to help you survive.

Well, we still share the same brains as our ancestors.  The ones that were constantly fighting for their survival.  And so the impulse to be fearful of uncertainty hasn’t gone away.

But the risk you are avoiding isn’t life or death.  It probably isn’t even that risky.  It just feels that way.  And now we are sacrificing more than we think.

In this digital age, the saying can be flipped on it’s head now.  “Two in a bush is better than a bird in hand.”

We know what’s in our hand.  We know the result and outcome.  We can choose this safe path.

What we don’t know is what we are giving up by just sticking with the bird in hand.

Do you choose comfort over fear?


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