Being Cynical is Easy. Having Hope Takes Courage.

It doesn’t take a lot of courage to be cynical.

You have heard it before, “This won’t work.  What’s wrong with the old way?  There is no way that is the right thing to do.  It will never work.”

Until it does.

But we can’t get too this point without hope.

And having that hope takes courage.  Because being hopeful means you are vouching for something.  It means you are taking a risk that you will be judged when it won’t work.

And that’s what makes it so rare and so difficult.

Cynicism on the other hand.  That’s easy.  It’s easy to say it won’t work and that we shouldn’t even try.  It gives us a place to hide.

If we are cynical, we don’t have to take the risk of being blamed for sticking our neck out there.  In fact, we really don’t have to take responsibility for any of it if we cling to skepticism.

But do you want to walk around taking no responsibility for your life?  Do you want to walk around always taking the negative spin – just because it makes us feel safer?

Cynicism leaves us stuck in place.  It leaves us in the same spot we were yesterday.

Hope on the other hand – gives us a reason to strive for tomorrow.  Hope is how we push the ball forward.

But there is a reason we default to cynicism – being hopeful takes courage.

What’s your default?

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