Be Transparent

In the end, truth will win out. Sure – deceit may enjoy the spoils early on.  But the spoils won’t last. Hiding the truth will only cause harm to yourself and others. Reputation follows you. And so does your lizard brain. If you want to live happy, sleep well, and be at peace, be transparent […]

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Learning Through Exploration

Is there a better way to learn? Just doing.  Jumping in.  Seeing what works by figuring out what doesn’t. We need to cultivate more of this.  As we get older, we get held back by the fear. We preach – and we push our knowledge on others, and expect them to just absorb it. But […]

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Maximizing Productivity

Wait – if you came here for productivity advice, I don’t want to lead you astray.  This is in fact the opposite of that. The pendulum has swung too far.  We have taken the idea of productivity to the extreme.  We are looking to squeeze the extra 15 seconds out of everything.  Checking your email […]

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Perspective is a Choice

“I am so unlucky.  What’s the point of even trying?  They never give me a chance.  It won’t work anyways.” “I am grateful to have the opportunity to get to do this everyday.  It may not work all of the time, but if I keep trying something good will come out of it.” Same scenario. […]

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Projecting Shame

Brene Brown has spent much of her career emphasizing the power of vulnerability and the destruction of shame and blame.  She expressed this in a couple of TED talks that have helped transform my perspective. I know – I am a guy.  What in the hell am I doing talking about shame and vulnerability? I […]

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The Amateur versus the Professional

The amateur waits until they are motivated. The professional works regardless of how they feel. The amateur needs to prepare more, do more research, and waits to ship. The professional ships before they are quite ready. The amateur is waiting for someone to pick them. The professional picks themselves. A brick layer lays bricks even when […]

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The Allure of Free

I used to love free.  I would seek out the free solution.  I was a snob when it came to paying for technology and software. And now?  I have become increasingly suspicious of “free.” Either you pay for it monetarily.  Or you become the tool for revenue creation.  Rather than a monetary exchange, you are exchanging your […]

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