The Maps are disappearing. Can you find your way with a compass?


It can be comforting.  To have everything laid out for you.  Just follow the instructions, and your job will be safe.

No more.

Those jobs are disappearing at a rapid pace.  And the pace is only going to pick up.

We can hide from it, and blame others for our struggles.  Or we can choose to step up.

Step up in a way that feels uncomfortable.  Step up in a way that feels risky.

Risky is the only choice now.  If you are striving for safe, you are either underpaid or underemployed.

And this trend isn’t changing.

If you want to have an impact, learning how to navigate with a compass is the only way.

A map is clear cut and defined.  There is little left to the imagination.  Which makes it so everyone can understand.

A compass on the other hand – there isn’t much certainty.  There is a direction of where true north is, but the rest of the path is up to us.  And we must find the way.

Can you navigate with a compass?  Or are you still looking for the road map?

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