Don’t project your own insecurities onto others.

We criticize and shame others in the same areas that we are most critical of ourselves.

There is such a fixation on what everyone else is doing wrong.  We do this to make ourselves feel better.  It falls under this human inclination to compare.

And yet – this hurts everyone.  If you notice, the one’s doing the most criticizing tend to be the one’s wanting the biggest change in their own life.  Or the one’s wrought with unhappiness.

Awareness is the key to changing this.  But we have to be aware of the insecurities we are projecting onto other first.

What insecurities of your own do you tend to notice others doing wrong most often?  And why do we feel this need to point out what others are doing wrong when we loathe others doing the same to us.

And is it more about you or about them?

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