Focus on Progress over Perfection


Perfection gives us a place to hide.  Perfection gives us a reason to be stuck in place.  And it allows us to let ourselves off the hook.

But progress?  The bar is much lower.  And with lower expectations, the mission becomes easier to complete.  It becomes easier to stay on course even though you may temporarily stray off track.

Because progress is easy.  Progress just means comparing yourself to you and you only.  Perfection is about the perception of others and comparison relative to something else.

And perfection leaves us striving and striving with the finish line always seeming like a fleeting goal.  So we put it off.  And we give ourselves a reason not to ship.

So instead focus on your progress.  Focus on improving something extremely small.  But just move in the right direction.

And let the progress build on itself.  Day after day, week after week.  And when you let the progress do the work, perfection will soon show up on your doorstep.

Because perfection is the result of consistent, daily progress.

So if we strive for progress, perfection of the task will follow.

Let’s just make sure we try and tackle it in the right order.

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