The Fear is Holding Us Back

It runs deep within all of us.  It lurks in the shadows waiting to jump out any time we face something uncertain.  It pushes us towards our comfort zone.

Fear holds us all back.  It pushes us towards safety.  And it leaves us stuck in place.

And the fear doesn’t go away – but we can learn to turn the volume down on it.

Marathon runners get tired.  All of them.  Just like me and you.

But just like the fear we deal with, they learn where to put the tired.  They learn how to see the tired, say hello to it, and push it back into the shadows to finish the race.

So what about the fear?  That fear of public speaking.  The fear of giving that big presentation.  The fear infects all of us.  And the only way to overcome it – figure out where to put it.

Because it never goes away.  But we can change our relationship to it.  In the same way that marathon runners do.

Can you fight back the fear to finish the race?



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