A Habit is Like Brewing a Pot of Coffee

Overcoming habits can seem daunting.  It’s hard to put yourself through the short term pain for the long term benefits.
We are wired for the instant pleasure.  And that’s where our good intentions stall out.
Because changing a habit doesn’t happen overnight.  So let it be more gradual.  Ease into a bit.
Rather treat a habit like a brewing a pot of coffee – drip, drip, drip.
If you want to start running in the morning, start with 2 minutes.  Just do it enough to let your body know what you are doing.  Don’t push yourself to the breaking point.
If you want you start reading, set aside 5 minutes a day to do so.
Don’t take it from 0 to 60.  Give yourself time to stretch and loosen up.
It’s not about the length of time you do it.  But it is important to be consistent.  Day after day.
And even at that, it’s not all or nothing.  We all slip from grace.  We all have a bad day.
But it’s important to persist.  Even if you sway off track.  Don’t let one day cause you to quit.  It’s not all or nothing.
Do this for a few weeks of just a few minutes a day, and you will be surprised at what will stick.  Something you used to dread will suddenly be something you start looking forward to.
What’s the smallest step you can take each morning to get the habit to stick?

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