Breaking Past the Norms


Sometimes they hold us back.  Sometimes we focus too much on the way things have always been done.  Or even what’s acceptable to society.

And often, the ones that go against the grain reap the benefits.  Because most can’t get past their fear to face the path less traveled.  Which is why it’s less traveled.  And it’s why you typically will reap the benefits if you can persist past.

But breaking past the norms isn’t easy.  It may mean going against the beliefs of your closest friends and family.

This is what my father did almost 40 year ago.  All of his friends were getting trades jobs and were becoming plumbers.  And the pay right out of high school was great.  It wasn’t easy deferring that gratification.  It wasn’t easy fighting the feedback from all his family and friends.

And yet, he persisted.  He fought past.  He went on to college even against the advice of those around him.  He even took it a step further and got his Masters in Business Administration.

Fast forward 40 years, and the decision paid off.  My father is an entrepreneur and small business owner with an opportunity to change the lives around him.  On a daily basis, he empowers people to make change.

And that’s because he’s the boss.  He took that path less traveled.  And he fought through the norms.

It’s not easy at first.  In fact, it’s scary as shit.  And that’s what makes it so rare.

We have trouble fighting past the fear.

And most importantly, we really struggle to break past the norms.

What societal norms do you disagree with that are holding you back?


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