Public School is Only a Part of a Child’s Education


What about all the time spent at home?  What about that engaged time you have the opportunity to spend with your children each and every night?

Sure, many of us are busy.  Working extra hours to pay for all the extra diapers and saving for the future.  Rushing around as fast as we can to keep up.

And we want a break.  A break from the noise.  A break from the rush.  And a break from that engagement.

We have the urge to consume and just relax.  We want to be lazy.  So many of us, knowingly and unknowningly, become tethered to our devices.

We justify it to ourselves.  We let ourselves off the hook.  And we discount the effect it will have.

We watch TV, we play on an iPad, or we surf facebook on our iPhone.  Think about it – I know I am guilty.  During the limited time we share with them, we pay more attention to an electronic device than to them.

And what type of message does it send?  That human connection isn’t important?  That being a passive listener rather than an active one is ok?

We talk about how important they are to us, but do we always show it?  Do our actions match our words?

My dad never missed a single soccer game of mine.  Not a single one that I can remember.  And I didn’t appreciate it at the time.  But I sure can now.  Do you see the power of that message?  You don’t think that played a role in shaping my world view?

We can talk about it, but it’s more about what you are willing to do to back it up.  We have more power as parents than we want to put ourselves on the hook for.

What if we put down our devices, and spent 2 hours of engaged time every day.  Enjoying family dinner, engaging, talking, and challenging your kid.  Asking questions and being supportive.  Guiding, but not judging.

Think about the difference this would make.  We leave it all up to the public schools.  We blame society for our kids not being educated.

But who’s responsibility is it really?



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