Shining a Light on the Key to Success


Consistency and persistence.

You have to cultivate these for lasting success.  Because they are present among those that have carved the path before you.  And they are present among those you strive to emulate.

Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb from an idea that came to him in his sleep.  Or because someone else showed him the path to follow.

He decided for himself.  And he showed up.  Day after day.  Rain or shine.  And after years and decades of work, he had a breakthrough.

But the breakthrough didn’t come as a result only because of his genius.  It was that persistence and stubborn consistency with which he worked.

Edison is known for only sleeping a few hours a night.  I wouldn’t say that not sleeping at night is a recipe for success, but rather the attention that he applied to his craft day in and day out.

And the light bulb was only one of many great inventions.  But they were only possible because of his mindset.

And it’s a mindset that is available to all of us.

The path to success isn’t easy and clear cut or everyone would follow down the path.

But it’s going to be impossible to get there if you are not consistently and persistently showing up day in and day out.


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