Put down the magnifying glass and look in the mirror.


We have gotten so good at identifying weaknesses in others.  We are adept at knowing who’s fault it is.

And we rarely look at ourselves.  We are too busy burning the ants with a ray of sun through the magnifying glass.  The problem is – we aren’t in science class anymore.


The lives we are affecting are real.  And the people we are blaming are real too.

That libtard and the hillybilly both have families to look after.  And both pretty much want the same thing.  A better life for their family and themselves.

So how does pointing the finger at each other push that ball forward?  How does looking at each other under a magnifying glass bring us closer together?

It doesn’t.  We all have faults.  More than most of us would like to admit.

So it’s painful to look in the mirror.  It’s easier to blame.  It’s easier to further the divide because it doesn’t take any work to be cynical.

But cynicism spreads rapidly.  Especially when it’s being shouted from the person holding the highest office in the country.  And giving cynicism a voice only makes it spread more rapidly.

The problem – cynicism hurts everyone.  It leaves us stuck it motion.  It pushes us further apart.  And we are all worse off because of it.

Ironically, the ones that feel the need to criticize the most are often the ones fleeing from that image of themselves in the mirror.

Are you looking through a magnifying glass or in the mirror?








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