The Mountain and The Journey


It has taken me so long to appreciate the journey.  The methodical process of persisting day in and day out working on your craft.

And now I can appreciate the journey – because the journey is what it’s all about.  We wish the journey to be over and to reach the finish line.  But then what?

Well, it’s on to the next journey.

If the journey is what we will continue to embark on, mountain after mountain, why do we treat the journey as work.  As if we are only willing to endure the journey for the fruits at the top of the hill.

And so this is problematic for much of my generation.  Everything is so instant.  We hardly wait for anything anymore.

And so we stare at the top of the mountain, and we look for lift or ride to the top.  We look for a shortcut or some quick way skip past the hike up.

And we miss out on the journey.

And ironically, we are only able to appreciate what’s at the top of the mountain if we endure the journey.

There’s a reason lottery winner’s end up broke.  They never embarked on a journey.  They missed the lessons and trials along the way.  And they can’t appreciate the hike.

Be careful not to wish the journey away – it’s what life is all about.



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