Material vs. Experience


We are always searching for the next new gadget or new thing to buy.  And there will always be something new to buy.

That’s the virtue of a free market – there is continual innovation and improvement of products.  And this means there will always be a constant stream of material things to purchase.

And we constantly long for what we don’t have.  And when we finally get it – the pleasure derived is so short lived.  We buy it, we play with it, and then it gets old and it’s on to something new.

And that short lived experience of buying things doesn’t really leave you with lasting memories.  It leaves you longing for something more.  It leaves you seeking out the next new thing to buy.

But what about that night in college you went out to the bar with friends, stayed out way too late, and suffered through a painful next day in class.  Those are the moments in time that will stick forever.  Those are the moments that we will reminisce about in old age.

Do you hear your grandparents talk about the good ole’ things they bought when they were 30?  Or do they share the wisdom of the experiential?  The moments that aren’t fleeting.

I still have a hard time plopping money down on vacations or eating out.  But when I actually do take the plunge, it’s almost always worth it.  Those experiences last a lifetime.

The things I would have bought with that money would have already come and gone.

Fight the temptation.  Fight that urge to consume. Spend your time and resources on the experiential – not the material things.



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