The Feedback We Need to Hear


The feedback we need the most is the hardest to receive.  It’s the feedback that hits deep.  It’s something we have’t faced yet.  Because deep down, we don’t want to see it.

And it’s the feedback that we fight back against the most that often rings most true.

We can see it so easily in others.  Yet we have such difficulty recognizing it in ourselves.

It’s that complaining coworker in the office that is dragging everyone down.  You have a solution to their many problems – but they don’t want to hear it.  Rather than being open, they fight the feedback with excuse after excuse as to why it won’t work.

But when we rail against the feedback or make excuses for our behavior, we hurt ourselves.  We push others away from giving feedback to us again in the future.  And that inevitably hurts us.

If you want to continue to get better and improve, feedback is essential.  And the way you respond to feedback will determine how willing those around you are to give you feedback again.

We can only receive the feedback we need if we are open.  And most of the time, the feedback comes from a good place even if we receive it as hurtful.

Next time, you receive feedback just say, “thank you.”  Don’t respond, “Thank you, but I would have done a better job if I had a better team to work with.”

Just say, “thank you.”

Are you as open to receiving feedback as you think?







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