In the Internet Age, Mindset is the Scarce Resource


We have it all at our finger tips.

In the internet age, we are no longer held back by many of the traditional roadblocks that the generations before us faced.

The internet has opened up all sorts of possibilities to us as the individual and has helped shifted the power away from the old power structures.  This top down control is falling to the waste side.

So why then, with access to all these tools and technologies, are we not much different than a generation ago?

Mindset.  It’s the discipline to wake up early.  It’s the discipline to persist even when you don’t feel like it.  It’s the discipline to choose learning over consumption.  Choosing reading a book over watching another sitcom.  And choosing the difficult path is tough.

Fighting these urges aren’t always easy.  Our primitive brain pushes us towards the simplistic and towards consumption.  Unless we fight the urge, we will almost always default to the path of least resistance.

And what is that path of least resistance?  Is it our path?  Is it a path we decided to set out on?

Or are we following someone else’s path by default?

This is the shift from the industrial economy to the internet age.  We can now blaze our own path.  Without the same barriers as before.

Before – the company or the corporation chose set out our schedule, disciplines, and responsibilities.  We didn’t have to fight our willpower because our work did that for us.  We were told when to show up, when we could take vacation, and when we could take a lunch.

But now – it’s up to us.  If we want to make an impact, we have to set our own schedule, priorities, and disciplines.  We have to cultivate the right mindset – one that is aligned with where we want to go.

There isn’t anything holding us back anymore.  Except us.

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