The Compound Effect

Stumbled onto a brilliant book by Darren Hardy called The Compound Effect that really highlights the power of the small moments. I know I have a tendency to focus too much on the big picture and the big moments – typically discounting the minutia and the detail. But what we forget about is the compound effect.  The […]

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Who is America?

Are we the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Or the land of walls and borders? Are we a nation of immigrants whose grandparents and great grandparents came overseas searching for a better way of life?  Or are we a nation guarding against an old way of life? Are we a nation […]

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See What’s There

Or we see what we want to see. We justify.  We rationalize.  We tell ourselves what we want to hear. And we stray off course.   We do what we need to make ourselves feel better.  We cling to reasons that reaffirm our belief. But should we prioritize making ourselves feel better? What if instead, […]

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