Embrace Boredom

By constantly tethering ourselves to technology, we are killing the calm and stillness in our lives. And that calm that used to be such a constant companion is soon overtaken by the anxiety. Anxious about needing to find the next stimuli.  Anxious that something new is happening that we will miss out on.  Anxious about […]

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Is it meaningful?

In a world filled with such distraction, I fear we are letting this question slip away from the forefront. We are suppressing the question in exchange for distraction and constant stimulation. There is so much meaning still in our lives – if we choose to seek it out. Yet so many of us are allowing […]

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There are two types of procrastination. One is far more dangerous.

Tim Urban has a brilliant TED talk about procrastination, and more specifically, the two types of procrastination we encounter. And he makes the argument that we are all procrastinators.  Our procrastination is either contained or not contained. Contained procrastination represents something that has a specified end date and end time.  There is a timeline to […]

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