Calling a spade a spade


I want to steer clear of politics on this blog.  I have even gone back and deleted a few posts because I know how divisive politics and the ideologies that come with it can bring.

I am going to veer off course this morning because I am disappointed.  I am disappointed that action in modern politics has been reduced to a sound bite.

It’s been equated to something that someone can fit in a news headline or something that someone can spin on social media.

And you know what, I really was fine with it.  The meaningless actions and orders signed that are more for show than anything that has any real teeth in it.

And then I woke up this morning.  And I see them prodding around about banning Muslim refugees.  And it saddens me.

It saddens me because he should know better.  It saddens me because we should know better.

This is such a shallow move on so many arrays, yet with far ranging potential consequences.  But I am not even here to talk about the potential consequences.

I am here to talk about the shallow.  About the actions which have no meaning, but are done for the mere reason of trying to get attention.

There is no need to ban refugees for show.  There is no need to add to the divide.  The vetting process that Muslim refugees go through has been described in detail.

It is no joke.  It’s not like the security on the southern border.  It’s real.  And the lives this affects are real too.

Don’t take my word for it, read for yourself.  Take it from a Syrian Refugee who describes his experience.

Let’s make sure we don’t get thrown off by the soundbites and the shallow shit they are trying to throw at us.  Let’s focus on the actions and legislation that truly make a difference.

And it’s OK to call a spade a spade.  He’s a showman.  He focuses on the show he puts on and the media buzz it may generate.  I focus on impact.  This is where we hit a divide.

Drop the soundbite and focus on impact.  You just might make a difference, Mr. President.


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