Not every situation fits in a box

Corporations.  It’s about the scale.  It’s about an organization so large and so expansive that the rules and policies that govern them are even more cumbersome.
No employee with direct contact to customers are given any authority to solve the problem.  They are interested in emotion mitigation.  Not really interested in solving the problem in a fair, justifiable way.  But rather focused on limiting the concessions given.  And placing so many controls that there is no hope for treating a customers like a human.
Not all of us fit in a box.  In fact, the number of situations in our world increasingly no longer fit in a box.  And as a human, I hate the idea of a box.  I am unique.  I am different.
It’s this conundrum precisely that has led me to shy away from adding any major new policies or rules to our company since I have joined.
When you treat your employees like a number, they will treat the customers in the same way.  When they feel powerless, they make the customer feel powerless as well.  And this is a recipe for disaster.
I want my employees to have latitude.  I want them to have the ability to make the best decision for that customer and that client.
And they have more intimate knowledge about that client than I do.  And that’s why they are the best person to make the decision.
If you start to have leakage, address that one person.  Don’t create a policy for it.
Not every situation fits inside the box – make sure you give your employees the authority to step outside that box when necessary.
If they did, you wouldn’t need that employee in the first place.
(This is to you AT&T – thank you for making me feel as small as you make your employees feel).

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