It’s OK to fail. Just be honest about it.


We all make mistakes.  We all go down paths that don’t end up working out the way we intended.

And yet, we try and hide from that failure.  We try to come up with a whole host of reasons of why it was the right decision, and why it would have worked if it weren’t because of such and such.

Stop reeling and searching.  Just accept it.  You failed.  And rather than focusing on all the external reasons something didn’t work, just focus on the takeaway.  Learn something about what you might do for next time.

Focus on your culpability rather than others.  Pay attention to the things you could have done that would have changed the outcome or made the difference.

No one likes someone who constantly skirts responsibility and pushes it onto others.  So don’t do it.  Step up and just admit the fault.  Admit the mistake, and move on.

Life isn’t about our failures – it’s about the way we pick ourselves up and respond.  Do you respect the leader that steps up and takes the fall? Or the leader who hides and points the fingers at everyone else for the failures of the project?

Don’t skirt the responsibility of failure – embrace it.  It’s how we learn and grow.  And it’s the only way to do work that matters.

How do you respond to failure?


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