Guard against your own bias

Seek out other opinions.  Get opinions from people that have no vested interest in the outcome.

It’s hard to stay objective.  And it gets harder when we aren’t able to realize that we do have a bias.  And most of the time, we hide from that fact.  We convince ourselves we are above it and that we can see clearly.

When you try and deny the bias is when it becomes most dangerous.  Because then it’s hidden, out of your sight, and now, out of your control.

But when we acknowledge the bias, and seek out constrasting, objective opinions, we start to diminish the bias.  And we start to see it for what it is.

Bias clouds our judgement.  It’s takes away our ability to see clearly.

And when we lose our ability to see clearly, we start to stray off course.  We start to run away from our mission.

Guard against your own bias.  Don’t see what you want to see.  See what is real.

Sometimes it’s scary.  But hiding from the scary, doesn’t make it go away.

Are you hiding from the bias in your life?


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