Embrace Boredom


By constantly tethering ourselves to technology, we are killing the calm and stillness in our lives.
And that calm that used to be such a constant companion is soon overtaken by the anxiety.
Anxious about needing to find the next stimuli.  Anxious that something new is happening that we will miss out on.  Anxious about being bored.
Was it always this way?  Have we always been plagued by this constant buzz of busyness?  Have we always been followed around by a constant urge to stay entertained?
Maybe the boredom we sought to replace was keeping the calm in our lives.
Maybe the space in between the moments was meant to stay as space.  Protected and undisturbed.  Those precious quiet moments in between the busy.
I miss the calm.  I miss the stillness.  I miss being so bored that we forced ourselves to get creative with our time.
In an attempt to bring the calmness back, we must embrace boredom.
It’s the moments in between the busy that keep us calm.  In the new age, we have come to call these moments boredom.  And so often, we bastardize these moments of boredom with the constant interruption of a cell phone check or email scan.
No more.  I am bringing boredom back.  And the calm and stillness that has been so fleeting as of late will be a missed companion from the past.
Onward to my 30’s.

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