Schedule time without your cellphone


They are making us more anxious.

We are always tethered.  Always afraid we are going to miss out on something.

So we continually scan and check our phone for a new update.  And for what?

I did not realize what I was giving up until I started creating a little more separation.

Clarity, focus, and calm are all feelings I have had more success in cultivating by removing the constant stimuli of the phone.

I always felt anxious.  Like there was something I was supposed to be doing or something I was always missing out on.

And without succumbing to every impulse, I can relax and just be.  Just be present with friends and family.

And it’s helped procure a little more patience.  To not feel the need to give into every impulse.  And it starts to carry over.

Don’t take my word for it.

For the next week, schedule dead times.  Times without cellphone use.  Put it on airplane mode and create boundaries.

Don’t become a slave to your device.

Make sure technology is serving you – not the other way around.



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