Is it meaningful?

In a world filled with such distraction, I fear we are letting this question slip away from the forefront.
We are suppressing the question in exchange for distraction and constant stimulation.
There is so much meaning still in our lives – if we choose to seek it out.
Yet so many of us are allowing this choice to be made for us.
The point is it’s a choice.
It’s a choice what you decide to consume.
Do we derive lasting meaning from meme’s, facebook photos, and viral videos on social media?
Or do we derive more meaning conversing in person with friends or lending a helping hand to someone in need?
Can you even remember what you read on social media on January 16th?  Or the tweet you sent out on December 12th?
I certainly can’t.
But helping someone?  That’s hard to forget.  That random night out 3 years ago with old friends.  Just chatted and reminisced about that yesterday.
Those are the moments we remember and cherish for years.
I fear we are clinging to the meaningless at the expense of our long term happiness.
And I fear that by the time we wake up and realize it, we will have let the precious years of our lives walk on past.
As you embark on your journey through the world, and you continue to encounter a plethora of stimuli and distractions, ask yourself, “Will I care about this tomorrow?”
So often – the answer is staring us in the face if we are just open to seeing it.
It is a choice.  Even if you leave that choice up to someone else.
Will you choose meaning or distraction?

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