We see the top of the mountain and forget about the journey


I have gotten so used to instant gratification.  There is so much to consume and do within the click of a button.  And we begin to falsely equate success with these short, quick bursts.

I am staring at the top of the mountain wanting to ride a ski lift to the top – forgetting the journey involved along the way.

And if we take a shortcut and ride the lift, we miss out on much of the gratification and rewards of overcoming the struggles along the way.  We miss out on the journey.  And the journey is where the real magic happens.

We strive for the finish line and wish for the journey to be over.  Yet once we reach the finish line, we start on our next journey.

It’s like we zig and zag from one goal to the next forgetting the journey along the way is part of the ride.  And if we skip it, we are cheapening the ride.

The Chicago Cubs were on a journey for over a century to win a Penant Race.  And the one’s that enjoyed that sweet victory the most?  It wasn’t the hot and cold bandwagon fan who jumped in on the ride up.

It’s the fans that rode the roller coaster ride the whole way through.  They went through every dip and curve and turn.

Having gone through the journey made the taste of success that much sweeter.

Sure we’d all love to be an overnight success.  But once we achieve success, what’s next?

Another journey.  Rather than wishing the current one is over, enjoy the journey you are on.



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