Mindset is something that you choose


We control the way we react.  We have control over the mindset we carry into the world each day.

Not reacting takes strength.  Holding back isn’t always easy.  If you notice, these are all choices that we make – whether we are aware of these reactions or not.

Why then, are we not more deliberate in the way we shape and choose our mindset?

I rarely freak out, and I rarely lose my temper.  And that is not an accident.  Would I love to freak out sometimes and scream?  Yes.  Do I realize that my actions have consequences and subsequent reactions?  Yes.

And that’s the crux of the riddle to me.  Understanding what it is you are truly trying to accomplish.

It’s about seeing the roadblock ahead and seeing it just as that.  It’s not a dead end.  It’s not the end of the road.  It’s a roadblock.  A temporary bump in the road.  But there are ways around.  There are ways for us to persist.

It’s just about seeing the road ahead and knowing what we stand for.

Mindset is not something done to you, it’s something that you choose.  Do you have control over your mindset or is it controlling you?


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