Accepting Responsibility

It may not be all your fault.  Something may have happened outside of your control.  But maybe you could have done a little better job checking in with team members.

Yet the tendency is often to blame or deflect in whatever way possible.  We lose sight of our culpability and only look outwards.

And we must fight this tendency.  Instead, we must step up and take responsibility.

We must realize that there are always factors that are out of our control.  But this doesn’t take away all of our control.

Unless we let it.

Being powerless makes us feel small.  And it doesn’t help us improve.

Rather, accepting responsibility forces us to grow, to connect, and to improve.  We can’t accept responsibility without pushing ourselves to look at what went wrong.  And what was within our control that we can change.

And that’s what accepting responsibility is about – focusing and understanding the factors that we can control and placing less emphasis on the factors outside of it.

Next time something goes wrong on a project, be accountable and dismiss any blame.  Direct the conversation towards what is controllable.

We can all step up and take more responsibility.  The choice is up to you.


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