The reason I write this blog

“Use fear as a compass.” – Seth Godin

What in the hell does that mean?

Don’t overthink it like I did.  It’s simple.  Start doing the things you are scared of.

Our primal instincts and fears drive us away from trying and do things that pose us zero threat.

And it’s hard to fight primal instincts.  It’s easier to relent and rationalize to yourself a millions reasons that you don’t need to or shouldn’t anyways.

The rationalization is what we all wrestle with the most.  We make reasons fit.  And for what?  Because of that feeling in your stomach when something feels a little scary?

Fight the rationalization.  Sit with the fear.  The things that are the most rewarding require grappling with both of these.

So that’s why I write this blog.  My temptation is too hide.  My default is to wait until later and consume something that feels safer.

I am done with safer.  Safer leaves us full of regret.  And we don’t know what we missed.

So what am I doing to push past the rationalization and fear?  Walking towards the fear by writing this blog.  Working on a daily practice that pushes me towards what scares me.

It’s about facing our fears, not hiding from them.  What are you shying away from?



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