Seeing the Road Ahead

What type of driver are you? Do you scan and purvey the road 100 yards ahead?  Or are you continually focusing on what’s right in front of you? We get stuck in the moment.  We get stuck only seeing and paying attention to the things staring us in the face. When we get stuck in […]

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Calling a spade a spade

I want to steer clear of politics on this blog.  I have even gone back and deleted a few posts because I know how divisive politics and the ideologies that come with it can bring. I am going to veer off course this morning because I am disappointed.  I am disappointed that action in modern […]

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Not every situation fits in a box

Corporations.  It’s about the scale.  It’s about an organization so large and so expansive that the rules and policies that govern them are even more cumbersome. No employee with direct contact to customers are given any authority to solve the problem.  They are interested in emotion mitigation.  Not really interested in solving the problem in […]

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Just start small

We get stuck in our own heads. It’s so easy to build up some project in our mind to the point that we just don’t know where to start. And most people get stuck here.  We never start. We go round and round about the best way to go about it, and the perfect conditions […]

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A rift on rules and policies

“A rule is meant to be broken.” Rules are a creation of man.  Every rule you see come across was invented by someone somewhere along the way. Sure – many of the rules that have been established over the course of our shared human history have helped sustain the human civilization for hundreds of thousands of […]

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Guard against your own bias

Seek out other opinions.  Get opinions from people that have no vested interest in the outcome. It’s hard to stay objective.  And it gets harder when we aren’t able to realize that we do have a bias.  And most of the time, we hide from that fact.  We convince ourselves we are above it and […]

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