Consume Less, Create More


We are living in a time of information overload – there is more to consume than ever before.  And this can create the temptation to stay in consume mode.

Consuming may seem safer.  Less uncertainty – less face to face human interaction.  No chance of embarrassing yourself or needing to small talk.  Just sit and consume.

And yet, do we really achieve lasting fulfillment from consuming?  Sure, consuming is more enjoyable at the time than writing a novel or creating a webpage.

But does consuming ever lead to lasting fulfillment?  Outside of the moment, does adding another show watched on Netflix to your belt, raise your level of happiness?

This is something I still struggle with on a daily basis.  I constantly fight the urge to choose short term consumption over the lasting fulfillment of creation.

The choice isn’t simple, but it is easy.

Take the plunge – Consume less, create more.  You will be happier because of it.

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